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How can I pay my Slingshot account?

If you would like to change your payment settings, simply login to My Account, click on the menu on the right hand side and select "Payment Method". Different methods will take different lengths of times to clear and show on your account. For instance you should allow up to 3 working days for an internet banking payment to show but a credit card payment should show up almost straight away!

Direct Debit

You can set up a recurring direct debit or credit card payment yourself via My Account. Once you've logged in you'll see your balance at the top of the page. Click on "automatic payment"

Here you'll be able to select either "Credit Card" or "Direct Debit"

Credit Card

You can make one-off credit card payments via My Account by clicking the "Make a Payment" button

NZ Post Shop

Just take a bill down to your local NZ Post Shop to make payment. If you don't have your bill you can download a copy from Visibill via My Account.
You can find your local Post Shop on the NZPost website.


Send it through to us at:
PO Box 108-106
Symonds Street
Please remember to enclose your Remittance Slip (it's on the bottom of your invoice).

Internet/Telephone Banking

Please ensure your Slingshot account number is used as a reference.
Slingshot’s bank details are as follows:
Name: Slingshot
Bank: BNZ
Account Number: 02-0290-0334411-000


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