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How do I setup my Slingshot Broadband connection?

How do I setup my Slingshot broadband connection

First, make sure you have the following:

  • A modem/router (if you don't have a Slingshot-supplied modem/router, you'll need to configure it).
  • Your computer.
  • Your Slingshot username & password (if you don't remember these, please give us a call on 0800 89 2000).
  • A microfilter.
  • An ethernet cable.
Once you have all of the above, you'll need to set up your home network. Take a look at the image below:

Once you have your home network setup similar to the above image, turn the modem on. The lights on your modem will flash for a minute or two, but will settle down. When the lights have settled, check for the following lights:
Light Name Colour Definition What to do
POWER OFF Power is off Double check power cable is connected and power point is on.
POWER Solid Green Power is on and the modem is operating normally. N/A
POWER Solid Red Power is on and a test is in progress.
Power on failure if this light remains solid.
Call Slingshot if this light remains solid red.
POWER Flashing Red Modem firmware upgrade is in progress. This light will also flash when you power the modem on. Don't panic!
DSL OFF No DSL signal is detected. Double check all cable connections
DSL Slow Flashing Green DSL connection in progress N/A
DSL Solid Green DSL connected Nothing - this means you have a connection between your modem and the phone jack.
PPP Red Modem is not online Login to your modem
PPP Solid Green Modem is online N/A
Ethernet Off Ethernet connection is not detected Double check that an ethernet cable is plugged into the port on the modem and also to your computer.
Ethernet Flashing Green Ethernet connection is transferring data N/A
Ethernet Solid Green Ethernet connection is ready N/A


If your DSL light is not on, then the modem is not physically connected properly. Ensure that all cables are correctly plugged in and try again.

If the DSL light is on, and the PPP light is not; you'll need to login to your modem settings page via a web browser like Internet Explorer and enter your Slingshot details. Click here for how to configure a Slingshot-supplied modem.



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